Sliding Wardrobes – “Do it right the first time”

Sliding door wardrobes seem to be the in thing nowadays especially because they help save valuable space in small rooms that most apartments have and look good at the same time.

However when designing sliding systems there are some basic rules that need to be kept in mind & I have found most folks not adhering to these, including sellers of the so called “Imported” readymade wardrobes available in the market today.

Here are the ground rules for sliding wardrobe design – this ensures longevity, ease of use as well as safety (you will know what I mean in a few moments)

1. Sliding wardrobe doors (height of 7 – 9 feet) must ALWAYS run on slide fittings having wheels on the TOP of the shutter and NOT at the BOTTOM of the shutter. This means that the door hangs and slides on wheels & runners on the TOP of the shutter. The image available at will help you get a picture of what I am saying.

While Top Running hardware is a tad more expensive, it is recommended for wardrobe shutters because

  • Since the door hangs from the top (is in tension) there is little chance of the door getting bent. In bottom running systems the whole weight of the door can cause the door to bend over time (since the door is in “compression”)
  •  Bottom running systems (the not recommended but cheaper one) have a tiny “guide” on the top of the shutter. If the shutter bends over time then the whole door can fall off as the “guide may come out of its socket at the top” causing heartache and injury. This cannot happen in a Top Running sliding systems.
  • Bottom running systems get sluggish over time as dirt gets accumulated in the bottom channel (in which the wheel is running) making the door difficult to slide (remember the struggle with sliding glass shutters of yesteryear “showcases” that always used to get jammed)

2. The board used to make the sliding shutter should be a “Block Board” and not a Ply Board, MDF, Particle Board etc. This is because Block Board offers the maximum resistance against bending.

3. There should be a “Brush” in the tiny space between the 2 doors all the way from the top to the bottom. This helps against dust getting into the wardrobe and spoiling your “trousseau”.

4. No Locks: Sliding doors WITH locks stand a risk of damaging the wardrobe if the door bangs on the side with the lock engaged. Also the keys (if not taken out) tend to get stuck when the doors overlap in the open position…(heh heh…you never thought of that did you…)

5. The side of the Sliding door should have an overlap on the carcass (box). The overlap houses 2 things  – One – Another Brush on the side (like in the center —read point #3 above) so that no dust gets in and Two – A small stopper cum closer which ensures that the door clicks into a close position and STAYS THAT WAY (Does not recoil after banging on the side)

That does it I guess…wasn’t too difficult was it Now check out how many sliding door wardrobes you have seen at your neighbors’ place or in the market have these basics right.

Happy homemaking


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Author: Nandita Manwani

Nandita Manwani is among the most respected Interior Designers in Bangalore and is the founder of The Studio by Nandita Manwani- a design & interior-works company focused exclusively on Residential Interiors. She is the author of the most read blog on home interiors in the country ( and over the last 9 years her blog has touched over one and a half million home makers & hosts over 3500 questions and answers that real home makers have asked on different aspects of home making and design. Nandita is a regular guest columnist with Deccan Herald & her work has featured across various national and international print & digital media. She was recently ranked among the top women interior designers in Bangalore and as one of the top upcoming interior designers in India. Her work has won the Best of Houzz acclaim for the last 2 years in a row and she is recognized as amongst the top Interior Designers to follow by the magazine. Over the last decade helping people realize their dream called home has been her passion, much more than just a profession. PS: If you have a query or question regarding interiors for your home then you may please leave a comment under any of my blog posts by clicking on the "Leave a comment" link. I go through each comment that comes in from the readers and endeavour to respond asap.

245 thoughts on “Sliding Wardrobes – “Do it right the first time””

  1. Hi,

    First of all, thanks for the informative post.

    I am getting my wardrobes with sliding doors done by a carpenter and as you had suggested I asked him to get it done with the top hanging mechanism. But he came back with a wheel on the bottom mechanism and said that this will be durable. Something like in the link below:

    I found one alternative in EBCO. Link below:

    But the local shop here do not have this fitting. I am trying to check it from the main dealer in Bangalore.

    The Hettich ones are out of my budget, so can you suggest any other make for this fitting which is not too heavy on the budget.


  2. Ashutosh,
    Pag is cheaper than Hettich ( They have a place in Mysore road where these fittings are available. The website should have the phone numbers.



  3. Hi,

    How much Top runner cost ..I am planning to implemente for 6 feet width and 7 feet in height. Car painter is aksing me to pat 25000 extra for Hetitch Top Liner 22. Is this Price Ok?

  4. Nandita,
    Valuable advice. I have a query on bottom-running sliding that… if the shutter has some kind of fixtures in the top channel that locks it vertically (but runs horizontally), will there be still a risk of shutter bending and coming off? In the bottom-running sliding, is the shutter kept entirely free at the top or is anything holding it with the top channel?


  5. Hi Nandita,
    Although the topic is of sliding wardrobe, I would appreciate your inputs on the sliding wooden external door that I am planning. Here is my question–

    I am thinking of installing a sliding single shutter external wood door. Initially, the idea was for the normal swing door and hence the normal frame was fixed to wall and the door was prepared. But due to space constraint, I want to make this a sliding door. I want this door to latch on to the door frame so that I can use a normal door lock to ensure safety. However, carpenter says, sliding doors can be fixed only with the bottom or top mounted rollers and it would not meet the door frame. I want to know is there a possibility that i can use a sliding door that can rest on the door frame while its closed and slide onto wall, when I need to open the door?


  6. What I understand is that you are looking for something like the sliding door of a Maruti Omni. While hardware options are available for such In-Line Sliding "Wardrobe" shutters but I don't know of anything similar for main doors as these are heavier


  7. Hello Nandita,
    Do you know if topline 22 leaves scope of dust getting into the wardrobe? Based on the tech specs of topline22, it appears that there will be big gap (may be few inches) between one of the doors and carcass. small gap between two doors is expected but is there a way to prevent the gap between door and carcass?


  8. Thanks for your response. Probably I was not able to put my question correctly πŸ™ As you rightly pointed out, one of the door is of more depth than other and there is certainly no gap on left/right side of shutter. I was referring to gap which remains there from the top and bottom of the door which has more depth. It seems like there is no way to fix/prevent this gap of few inches?


  9. Thanks for maintaining this blog. Very Useful!

    Can you please point me where can I buy brush to be installed between the doors as mentioned in point 3?

  10. Hi Nandita,

    Your blog is very informative.Could you please give me some tips to choose between mirrored vs backlit glass vs wood from the maintenance angle in a sliding wardrobe.

    As my bedroom is small with one wall covered with French windows I am thinking about mirrored doors ..but am undecided on the maintenance part

  11. Hi Nandita,

    Thanks for such an informative blog.

    I have read that block boards are more prone to termite than ply since they have gaps between them? Is it so?


  12. Great article, I am looking for folding wall/door/wardrobe. Please point me to trusted/reliable/in-budget source. Thanks πŸ™‚

  13. I am one of many who have benefited from your blogs in deciding on my home interiors. Thanks a ton for your blogs.

    I have small rooms in my new flat. To save space, I am planning for sliding wardrobe doors. Are there any drawbacks in slide doors. Would be of great help if you can point out those as compared to regular doors.


  14. Sliding wardrobes do have a number of limitations & issues key ones include :-
    1. They are prone to more dust getting in.
    2. If for any reason the doors bend then the doors do not shut properly.
    3. Locks are not very successful in sliding wardrobes
    4. One needs to be careful in choosing the right hardware/ sliding system in accordance with the design and the weight of the door else the sliding system fails to function properly


  15. Nandita, A couple of questions: 1)I have a sliding wardrobe (top hanging)and I have noticed that the door got bent a bit after the carpenter has pasted the lamination sheet. The carpenter assured me that it won't bend any further as bending, if it happens, happens only immediately after lamination . Is it true ? 2) where in Bangalore I can buy the "small stopper cum closer" that you have mentioned in point # 5 ?

  16. I initially decided to go with your recommendation to use block board in Kids sliding wardrobes. The dilemma I am facing is the design I have in mind is to go for a duo paint finish and as per my carpenter he is indicating that duo paint won't go well with block board as you won't get the same finish that we get with MDF. He is asking me to reconsider with 18mm MDF board with duco for sliding.

  17. 18mm MDF with one side Duco & one side laminate is likely to bend – you will need to do both side Duco which will be expensive. Another option will be to apply a 4 mm MDF sheet on top of the block board.

  18. Hi Nandita

    I want to know about the grooves in the wardrobe doors. My carpenter is saying doors with groove are advisable as they are more durable. Please give me some information with regard to this.
    Thank you in advance.


  19. Wanted mirror on one whole slider. The carpenter says you can only do it by leaving 3 inches border on each side for him to press the mirror in. A corner to corner mirror would be fragile according to him and be supported on adhesive and screws on 4 corners. What do you recommend? Is there any other better way? Using hettich top sliders

  20. There are ways to do it by giving support on the edges, but if your carpenter does not know how then best to go with what he is comfortable making rather than risk something that may come off and cause harm.


  21. Hi Nandita,

    Am planning to go with the RCC/Granite Wardrobes. Just wanted to know if I can have the sliding door option for this.
    Also, I do not want to go with Wood for the door, can I have Fiber or some Composite material doors.

    I was also looking for SS wooden Sliding door hardware with a simple track(not similar to the channel SD hardware). Let me know if you know where I can find this in Bangalore
    Please share your thoughts.


  22. Yes Sliding doors on an RCC/ granite wardrobe are possible. The Material & the hardware to use will depend on the design and the door construction etc. hence there is no generic answer


  23. Hi Nandita,

    I am looking for wardrobe accessories. I found hefele bloom are lil costly. Can you please suggest any brand which has reasonable pricing as well good quality?


  24. Hi Nandita,

    Thanks a lot for this wonderful blog. These really assisted me in many of my woodwork plannings.

    A small question – I have a couple of sliding wardrobes using some MMT brand sliding door systems. Not sure how good or bad they are, but they definitely miss the stopper system.
    Due to this when I open one of the doors, it hits the carcass and recoils. I want to somehow ensure that the door stops when opened completely.

    Since mine is not a system like the Hettich Topline, is there any thing that I can do to stop the doors when it is opened.?


  25. You might be able to use a dampener however its suitability and fitment will depend on the type of sliding mechanism you have used. Nowadays the sliding system itself has non bang fitments available as add ons.


  26. Hi Nandita,
    Wonderful Blog. Thanks for helping us out..

    I am going for sliding doors for my 3 wardobes.. Wardobe-1 has each door width of 2feet (so both doors will have total width of 4feet). Wardobe-2 has each door width of 2.75feet (so both door will have total width of 5.5feet). Wardobe-3 has each door width of 3feet (so both door will have total width of 6feet).
    As per you blog, i will go with Block board for door material. I am thinking of using 19mm thickness.

    Should i go with Hettich Top Line 22 or can i go with Hettich Top Line 35. Since budget is a concern and Top Line 35 is cheaper (but with limitation of 35kg weight, max door thickness of 19mm). Do you think Hettich Top Line 35 is ideal for me?

  27. Top line 35 has the following tech specs for door panels
    Max Width – 3.25 Feet
    Max Height – 6.5 Feet
    Max Width (Finished Width) – 19mm
    Max Weight – 35 KG
    If your door panels confirm to the above then topline 35 should be fine

  28. Hi Nandita,
    I've asked my carpenter to buy an 30/35mm block board of 4'x8' for sliding door as the sliding door is of the same size. Initially he agreed and now he is saying the weight of this door will affect the life of the channel. Hence he is recommending to build a sliding door frame with 6" plywood all across with 3 no's of 5" plywood pieces and on top of it he will paste 6mm plywood on both sides. Is it recommended to go with this or buy an ready-made solid board from the market.

    As recommended by you I plan to go with the wheels on the TOP of the shutter. Can you recommend the model number from Hettich brand.

    Thanking you in advance.

  29. Each model of the sliding door hardware has limitations on the door weight & thickness it can handle…hence you will need to decide on the door construction based on the specific model of Hardware you are using.

    The most popular top running slider is Hettich top line 22 and it has a max capacity of 65KG per door…you can check out its brochure available online


  30. Hi Nandita,

    I am going for a sliding wardrobe ( with specification as 1745 mm width, 560 depth and 2135 height – as given by carpenter ) of 2 shutters made up of WBR ply with laminate. He is promising of Hettich soft closing hinges. Please advise if this dimension is doable and if any suggestion to from your end that I can make my carpenter do.

    On the left side of the sliding wardrobe, I am with a dresser (600 mm width), a study table on the right side (750mm width)and loft overhead to cover the entire stretch + portion of the door to open (4200 mm ). These I am going for MDF with laminate to bring down the cost. Kindly let me know if this is advisable or any other material you suggest me to go with ?

    Cost he is quoting to be 2.21 Lakhs+tax. Is this reasonable ?

    Thanks in advance

  31. Being in the same field, as a principle, I refrain on commenting on other peoples quotes
    The dimensions are quite doable. Its not recommended to paste laminate on MDF as it may bend, its best to use Prelaminated MDF – but in your case this will cause issues because you will end up with different finish for the stuff in MDF and BWR + Laminate. You should ideally go with a single set of materials or else plan the colour scheme in a way that contrasts look ok.


  32. Hi Nandita,
    Nice blog about sliding wardrobes.
    My master bedroom has window in the middle of the wall making my wardrobe split into 4ft each on both sides of window.
    my question is, is it advisable to make my wardrobe sliding doors of 2ft each? If so what care should be taken while installing.


  33. Theoretically you can make a 4 foot sliding wardrobe but (1) they don't look too good (2) for a 7 foot height the doors become too thin & flimsy and (3) because of the door overlap you tend to waste "precious" space.

  34. Hi Nandita,

    Thanks for informative blog, my wardrobe is 7 feet and it is having single 18mm sheet on top, will it withstand the load if I run top slider and I am planning to use ebco hislide 2 door. In case I have to choose bottom roller, can you please suggest which one to use?

  35. Each sliding system has a weight capacity specification. Please check that to decide on the sliding system to use. Bottom running system for sliding wardrobes is not recommended – the reasons for this are already on the blog post above.


  36. hi nandita, is it advisable to put veener on one side of slide sliding and paint on another.. will it cause any bending issues?

  37. Hi Nandita, I have a question about wardrobe in general. I am getting a wardrobe made and carpenter is making the sides and top of the wardrobe frame at right angles. There is a gap between wall and wardrobe side which is more at top and less at bottom. Carpenter is saying that he will fill the gap with ply wood but i am not convinced with the look. What is the best way to align the wardrobe with the wall so that there is no uneven gap between wall and wardrobe.


  38. Hi Nandita.
    I have used topline 22 for my wardrobe but there is gap of approx 16 mm between both the shutters where they overlap.So my installer is suggesting to take hettick brush to cover that that dust,insects doesn't go inside.Is it practical to take that.
    Please advice. Thanks

  39. Hello Nandita, my carpenter wanted to use pine wood for sliding shutter with bottom ruining system. Is it recommended to use pine wood board as sliding door. Height of sliding door 7 ft tall and each door would be 4 ft width.

  40. As mentioned in the post above – a bottom running shutter is not recommended unless you have framed shutters.
    Also Pinewood is soft wood and is not recommended as it may bend


  41. Hi Nandita, amazing blog!!
    I should have found this blog before starting my interior work. Anyways got a query on sliding shutter.
    I'm planning to get a shutter with mirror or glass with aluminum frame.. however most of the stores I enquire don't do aluminum frames. Could u please suggest some store who can make shutters with aluminium frame

  42. Hey Nandita.. Very informative blog you run here… I just have couple of question. 1. What type/brand of glass suits well for wardrobes using topline 22 of hettich? 2. Ii read something about laquered glass.. Can it be preffered over etched glass

  43. You may use any glass – the only limitation with top line 22 is with the overall weight of the glass. Additional limitations may crop up due to the base/ frame used to mount the glass as each sliding hardware fitting has its own limits on shutter thickness and weight

  44. Hi Nandita,

    Thanks for such a informative blog about wardrobe design.
    My apartment is under construction and I have few questions, appreciate if you help me,

    1. My carpenter says to make concrete bed of 3 – 4 inches for mounting the wardrobes. But tiles have alredy been laid and skirting is completed. I want to know how wardrobe base is done? are there any legs available for wardrobes also like kitchen cabinets and then do a PVC skirting? If legs can be used, is it strong enough for a full loft wardrobes?

    2. Where to keep the gas cylinder in modular kitchen? There is no separete utility in the kitchen. Is it good idea to make a exclusive cabinate under countertop?


  45. You don't need a concrete base for the wardrobes..rather it is restrictive and not recommended. The wardrobe will be supported on the side panels. you done need legs for it.

    Ideally the cylinder should be in a ventilated place like the utility. If you don't have that option then put it in a place which is not "prime" like in the corner unit.


  46. hi nandita,
    during paint work, some drops of paint have fallen on my veneer.. now its looking very odd.. is there anything i can use to remove the paint. wiping with water is leaving a stain on veneer.
    my veneer is polished.

  47. Sorry to hear that. The only way will be to re-polish the whole unit else the patch will show.
    To avoid such issues polishing is usually done last or just before the final coat of paint post completely covering the unit.


  48. Hi Nandita,

    It is a very Nice post overall. I have a inbuilt wadrobe in my house and skirting is done by the builder already. I heard from my carpenter that topline22 will fit on top of the box and he needs to leave 40mm gap. Which model should I use for my wadrobe. I saw ebco as good. Can I go with ebco. Are these sliding doors soft ?

    In your post, first you are asking us to use blockboard for doors not to bend, but in your latest post where you have created a website, it shows you are using BWR ply . I am confused. Please help.


  49. Hi Nadita,
    Is it advisable to use plane laminate inside the ward-robe door and glass on other side on a block board of 25 mm ? If yes how glass of full size should be pasted to avoid any untoward incident in the future ?

    Thanks in advance
    Manoj Lalwani

  50. Hi Nandita!

    We are planning for 7ft X 7ft sliding door wardobe, with a loft overhead. Our carpenter has told he cannot put hettich sliding harware system as loft is not possible with that, instead he wants to go with inox sliding hardware.

    Please confirm the same, and if yes… u recommend inox sliding hardware.


  51. There are ways to fit a loft on top of a Hettich sliding door fitting by reducing the loft depth or leaving a gap between the shutters and the loft. However lofts in general on sliding wardrobes dont look good.
    I have not used Inox hence cannot comment. If not Hettich you may try Ebco which is good enough.

  52. Hi Nandita,

    I am getting my new house furnished in Noida. I visited the application center of Hettich in Delhi, and was very impressed with their hinges to utilize the corner of your house (Horizon Plus), but these are really expensive. They suggested to use wide angle hinges as an alternate to this, but the look and feel is not the same.


    Can you please tell if these hinges available with any other brand at a reasonable price.

    Also, is there any other brand for soft close drawers and sliding panels for cupboards at a cheaper rate than Hettich and similar quality and standard ? I am specifically concerned about the rust as the water and air quality in Noida is really bad!

    PS: Really loved your post. This has been very helpful for an amateur like me πŸ™‚


  53. Hi Nandita,

    Thank you so much for the information on your blog. With the help of your blog alone I was able to get all the info relating to sliding systems and was able to find experience contractor who did the same for me. Only hiccup is he has no idea about the brush you have mentioned on your blog. According to him, such a brush between the small gap between the doors will hinder the smooth sliding movement of the doors. Also it will brush against the doors. Can you please explain where exactly the brush has to be fixed and where can I find the same? The Hettich Dealer from whom I bought the Top Line 22 has no idea about the brush. Thank you once again.


  54. Hi Nandita

    Your blog is simply awesome. I have a question. There is at least 4 feet space above my sliding wardrobe (everything except the door is built using 19mm plywood). Is it ok to use this space for storage? Would it cause the top running hardware to bend due to the weight above the wardrobe?

  55. Hi Nandita
    Thank you very much for your blog. It is very useful as many others have said.

    We are planning to go for Sliding doors for our master bed room. We have the following queries. Please clarify.

    1. Is it possible to have a single piece of glass door for both wardrobe and standard.

    2. We are planning to use the Loft in MBR as a decorative showcase (to keep some large objects). Will it look good to have transparent glass sliding door with LED for the loft above translucent glass sliding door wardrobe

  56. The glass sits inside a frame – assume that construction the glass door can be used in both a sliding as well as a standard wardrobe

    It might be better to have showpieces highlighted with lighting above the wardrobe. A glass enclosure will spoil the look, also the sliding hardware etc will be visible


  57. NM,
    appreciate your patience and passion in answering the queries. … i have few

    1. My fav in top running sliding system is Hettich Topline 22. However, my carpenter did not install one before and says cockroaches and even small rats can enter the unit… did you hear of such complaints?

    2. I am planning for a 7' x 7' ward robe with 3'.6" x 2 doors. planning to get a 3' wide mirror on front side door. My query is if I dont use the soft close mechanism… would i run into damaging the glass due to harsh shutting?…. again out of your experience have you heard of 4 or 6mm glass breaking in sliding systems.??

    3. Would you be able to suggest someone in Bangalore who can completely deliver the doors with Aluminium frames with glass which would be my best alternative… or any leads/store names/addresses/contacts would really help..

    thanks in advance for your answers.

  58. 1. If one has a problem of rodents and cockroaches then that needs proper pest control. However dust does get into sliding wardrobes in general – hi end sliding wardrobes are made dust proof using dust brushes.
    2. Yes you should install a soft closing mechanism
    3. Any good hardware store will be able to get you the frame, none however will not provide it finished with a glass as it is breakable and they do not want to take on the risk.


  59. Hello Nanditha, great blog and hats off to your extensive knowledge. I have installed wingline 770 hettich product for my wardrobe. Unfortunately while painting the paints have touched the slide lines and hinges and now the sliding is a little rough and not up to the expectation. Please suggest a save way to remove the paint and make the sliding smooth. The hettich technician mentioned that we should not sure thinner and other chemicals. Have spent some good amount on this and need a relief. Please suggest.

  60. Sorry to hear that. Unfortunately Thinner is the only option to remove paint. The workers will just need to be careful while doing it. Ask them not to pour the thinner on the fitting but soak a piece of cloth and rub the paint off carefully


  61. Hi Nandita,

    I have planned for sliding wardrobe with Top 22 runner from hettich. The one I got is 10 ft length while my dimension for wardrobe is 11 ft. My question is do you have an idea if hettich has channels of 11ft or more ? The shopkeeper is saying that 10 ft is the max length for hettich . He is suggesting ebbco as an alternative.
    Please suggest. Thanks in advance

  62. Planning interiors for our new flat, Ms. Nandita. Was wondering if Hi gloss laminates are significantly more expensive than any of the other textured laminates. What are the disadvantages of hi gloss wardrobes. I really like veneers but bored of seeing the stuff everywhere. What is the ideal surface for bedroom wardobes?

  63. Regular Gloss laminates are not significantly expensive, however there is a Hi Scratch resistance type (look for MR+, or MR Tough Grade) that is over 30% higher. The only downside with Hi Gloss is its tendency to develop mild scratches over time.
    There are numerous options available for Bedroom Wardrobe shutters nowadays including Laminate, Membrane, UV Coated, Acrylic, Glass, Veneer, Duco etc. – it really depends upon individual taste and the budget


  64. Hello Nandita. Great blog!
    I have planned for 9' tall shutters with approx. 2' width for my wardrobe. these shutters will be on hinges. what thickness of shutter should I consider and what material ie. block board or ply or mdf. I also want postformed laminate finish on the exteriors.

  65. Nine feet shutters should ideally be on an aluminium frame with a 6 mm ply/ MDF Panels. On the back the panels should have a backing and an Aluminium rib in the middle. The number of hinges (min 3 per door) to be used will depend on the overall weight of the shutter.
    The other option is to use 25MM Block Board with a stiffener and 3 or more Butt Hinges – again, decide on the number of hinges based on the weight of the door but use a min of 3 per door. Post forming is possible only in option 2


  66. Hi, nandita
    Is there any alternative for HETTICH make " in line XL " channel for sliding doors of s wardrobe as they r very expensive.
    If yes which make n where can I get them.

    Babita jain

  67. Hi Nandita, very informative blog
    I am getting sliders with glass doors. Where can I get glass works with designs at reasonable price? I did verify in infantry road but it's expensive.

    I am also looking for some painted glass or synthetic frame to be fitted in my square and rectangular false celing design. Can you pls suggest what material and where to get

  68. If you are looking for something exquisite then it will be expensive. For the Ceiling, in general, glass will be heavy and unsafe to use. …frankly, without knowing the exact size & detailed requirements etc. any recommendation will mostly be cursory.


  69. Very informative and valuable article/ blog indeed.
    I am looking for a Folding cum sliding door, for a Balcony opening from a hall , opening size 2 metre high and 2.2 metre wide. Should be secure and sound. Installation in Kerala weather.
    seek to know which hardware accessories should I buy? Hafle/ Hettitch / or another reliable brand.
    Kindly advise.
    my mail I'd

  70. Hi NM
    There is only 4.5 ft space given by my builder for wardrobe in master bedroom. So I am planning for an L shaped wardrobe to get more space. Can we do sliding doors for this and Is there sliding channels available for L shaped wardrobes? Also is L shaped structure a good option?

  71. Hi nanditha,

    I have read your blog.Its very useful I have a small doubt regarding sliding doors,for my 3 bed room apt I have decided to make all sliding doors for wadrobes as per the space constrain.I decided to go go with the hettich top line L channel I have bought the channel and the shape of the wadrobe is also completed but

    1. For the wooden door acrylic sheet is pressed the whole door gets only a single color,i have seen some styles for sliding doors they have 2 colors or wood in the top and bottom and sme glass or other colored thing in between. Can you tell me how to make a sandwich type of door and if i want to use the whole door to be frost glass or duko glass how much rate does it differ with wood ?

    2. The wooden pressed acrylic should be kept in a casing or can it be directly fixed ? which one looks better. and what type of casing is used ( aluminium ?)

    3. For the hettich fittings can a normal carpenter do it or do i need to engage someone for the fitting.
    When i contacted my hettich dealer he said that they send persons for advice but they dont fix it and they charge for it. should I call them ?

    Thank you so much for maintaining your blog πŸ™‚

  72. You can paste different acrylic sheets/ laminates to create the sandwich type doors. For full glass doors it is best to mount the glass on a frame.
    Regular carpenters may not be able to fix top line L, I would suggest you get the Hettich carpenter for fixing it


  73. Hi Nandita,
    Awesome blog. Really helps in understanding and deciding as well. I have a question for you. My cupboard is 9 feet high x 11 feet wide and I am trying to find the appropriate sliding shutters.
    I am thinking of Block wood sliding doors x 3, however, not sure if 9 feet tall block wood is readily available in the market. Is there a way to join 2 with front and back reinforcement with 4mm (veneer for front) / 6mm ply at the back? Whats the best way to achieve this 9 feet tall sliding block wood panel which would be safe and not bend/warp? I intend to do a front veneer finish.
    Thanks a lot in advance.

  74. Nine feet panels are available in particle board, however even these are made to order.
    To avoid this limitation for the shutter you can mount two separate 6mm veenered pieces on an aluminium or steel frame with a steel beading to cover the gap – this will ensure zero warping. However note that this requires a fair bit of innovation and a clean hand.


  75. Hello NM,

    Thank you for responding to all queries. I'd appreicate if you can clarify my queries below too. I am on a limited budget, so looking for quality work at a lower cost.
    1. Apart from Ebco and Hettich, which other companies' fittings are good to use? My carpenter is recommending CNR.
    2. You mentioned: "One – Another Brush on the side ": please elaborate, since I didnt quite understand.
    3. If I do not invest in soft closing channels, then are there any stoppers/closers available ?
    4. Door handles: Can sliding doors have handles? If so what kind?

  76. 1. CNR is fine, however Ebco should nearly be in the same range as well

    2. Its a brush on the inside of the door near to its right and the left edges – the brush rubs against the front edge of the carcass so that no dust enters

    3. There are a few you will find in niche hardware stores – but these don't work for long. You may be better off not having a soft closing mechanism instead.

    4. Yes – you can install edge handles running throughout the side edges of the wardrobes – refer or the pics at


  77. Hello Nandita,

    I have my woodwork done by someone and I feel sorry to not have read your blog earlier because have done bottom running with plyboard πŸ™
    However, in my sliding wardrobe, I need a lock (its kind of must for my usage) but my ply on both sides and wardrobe door are of 18mm hence im unable to find any particular lock. can you suggest? i can repair or replace locks every year if needed.

  78. Hi Nandita,
    I have read your blog.Its very useful for people who wanna go far sliding doors. However I have a query regardind the same. I'm gonna get sliding doors for my bedroom (width 6ft and height 7ft). I'm using 18mm ply. Can you suggest which sliding channel should I use for the same in ebco

  79. Hi Nandita,

    Thanks for the wonderful blog.
    I have 10 Ft. wide wall space in the bedroom on which I plan to construct the wardrobe.
    Howver I would like to break this into 2 partitions, with 2.5 ft space in the middle to be able to install a TV. So each partition will have abt 3.75 ft. width
    I am considering sliding doors for the wardrobes. Can you please suggest if sliding doors would be a good option to go with in this scenario.
    The work has commenced, so it would help if you can suggest at the earliest.

  80. Hi Nandita..very informative post..somebody has designed sliding wardrobe at our home in complete wrong way..I would like to talk to you about it for 5 mins if possible.. Please let me know..

  81. I will not recommend sliding shutters for a 3.75 sqft width- this will make each shutter close to 2 feet which will not look good. The min width of a sliding shutter recommended is 2.5 feet …ideally 3 feet.


  82. Hi Nandita.Very informative blog..i m planning for 10'x7'(height) sliding door wardrobe with 2 sliding doors.
    1)Dealer is telling Alpine Plywood (commercial) will be best choice as per budget.Alpine is good?What you suggest?
    2)my plan to put loft over sliding wardrobe(carpenter says 12'x2.5') & drawers at the bottom of the wardrobe..whether the plan of making all those will be possible/long life/risk free?if drawers made at the bottom whether the whole system can bear the entire load??

  83. I have not found Alpine ply to be of great quality, you may please ask for other options in ISI Marked BWR Grade for Wet areas and IS 303 MR Grade for the rest.
    Drawers at the bottom are fine, there will be no issues in terms its robustness


  84. Hi Ms Nandita. I wanted to know whether an s shaped wardrobe can be made sliding and do we get curved channels for the same in ahmedabad

  85. Hi Nandita,
    Is it mandatory to have Aluminium frames for a full panel mirror slider wardrobe door? Are there other ways to secure the mirror to the slider? If so what are these? Please advise.

  86. Hi Nandita,we are getting interiors done by Urban Ladder.I am aware that MDF is not good,but they are saying Plyboard doors bend so the box of wardrobe will be made of Plyboard but door of MDF.My question is at a later date after few years can i just change the wardrobe doors made of BB? Will the plyboard box be able to bear the load of BB door?

  87. Hi Nandita, Thanks for your very informative blog/s. I am getting my apartment re-done in Gurgaon and have soaked in a lot of useful info from your blog/s. I had one sliding door wardrobe made for my daughter's room and used Hettich fittings. I had to really spend a lot of time with the contractor and his carpenter to minimise gaps between the two doors as well as from the top. I just noticed on The Studio website that you have mentioned about "Specialized Pelmets for dust proofing". Will it be possible for you to share some tips, if it doesn't expose your IPR? Thanks and regards Vikas Singh

  88. Curved slifing rails are available, however are unreasonably expensive and nor would be able to bear the brunt of day to day residential use. It would be best to stick with regular straight line sliding fittings


  89. None. It is best not to use a lock as most fail or develop issues with time. If you have to have it then there is a design available from Ebco and Hettich that jams both the doors at the center.


  90. Its best to keep the door weight to a minimum. Hence 19mm block board would suit best. Block board also has better bend resistance than MDF. You may otherwise go for framed doors with 6 mdf sheets on the inside alongwith a backing sheet.


  91. Hi nandita
    Please can you tell me as to where in kolkata I can get these lacquered glass or wood sliding wardrobes made. What will be the approx cost for an 6 to 8 dor wardrobe
    Warm regards

  92. Hi Nandita,
    We are getting a 3 slider wardrobe (7.10" x 9ft) including loft done with 16mm ply on CNR mechanism without SS framing around the sliders. Are there chances of doors bending? (Loft is above the slider). I am paying 15k for the CNR. Will a hettich mechanism cost more than CNR? How much? Pls advise.

  93. Hi Nandita,

    Just wanted to check with you if the topline 22 system can be used for a wardrobe of 5ft width. Ie each door panel will be 2.5 ft.

    Finished thickness of the doorpanel is approx 21mm.

    Warm Regards


  94. Non framed doors always have a chance of bending…you may want to be proactive and install a door stiffener available from Hettich/ Ebco/ Hafele.
    Top running sliding systems are generally in the price range you mention.


  95. Can I use UV coated hdf panels as doors for the wardrobe. Somebody told that the screws may get loosen after some time. What will be alternative way to reduce cost and look better and standard

  96. Thank you so much Nandita for sharing so valuable information. I would say that no one should start interiors without reading your posts.
    I am going to start the interiors for my house by next month and your post is really very helpful.
    I am going to follow all the guidelines mentioned by you.

    I have a query here ..
    I heard that, its against the warranty policy of hettich to make loft above the sliding wardrobes.
    Ceiling height of my flat is 9 ft. i was planning to make 7 feet sliding wardrobe and 2 ft loft above it.
    But i am a bit confused now.
    Could you please help me with the options to clarify this.
    Thank you.

  97. It requires some planning & design to make lofts above sliding wardrobes as the sliding mechanism needs proper space to fit properly and be serviceable. There is nothing in the warranty policy that I know prohibits making of a loft. If you have something in writing from Hettich then do please forward.


  98. Hi Nandita,
    Very nice blog. Its very informative for amateurs in interiors like me. Thank you.
    I have some queries
    1.Is it necessary to have soft closing mechanisms for all the kitchen cabinet shutters-base unit, wall unit, tall unit. What are the pros and cons of using it. Also how is the durability for the same for the cost we pay for it.
    2. My factory guy is telling that he will install bottom sliding channel for wardrobe of 7’6” wide and says it is durable. From your posts I think it is ok for shutters of 7’ ht, or can I ask him to make 6’6” ht wardrobe and 3’6” ht loft as we have room height of 10’ clear inside.
    3.Can you suggest any good bottom liner-specification and brand. Also what will be the cost difference for the top and bottom liner. He is telling 15000 for the channel, brush and soft closing mechanism-is that ok.
    4. Is it ok to make pooja cabinet in PLPB of size 4’x2’x7’ht-planning drawers in the bottom and 3 or 4 shelves on top as we have lots of photos to keep.
    5.I have heard about self cleaning chimney how is its power and durability. I have the hob point about 15’ from the exit and the chimney pipe has to run L shape full thro the kitchen. Is the self cleaning one ok or how much power one should I buy ?
    Thanks a lot.

  99. Responses below
    1. It is not necessary to have soft closing mechanism for kitchen cabinets and drawers. You will find additional details in the link below, do also go through the Q&A/ Comments section under the post

    2. I will not recommend bottom running channel for the wardrobe

    3. It is best to check on the Hardware costs at your closest hardware store. For sliding mechanisms I will recommend limiting to Ebco, Hettich or Blum.

    4. Particle board can be used for woodwork however expect the life of the furniture in particle board to be around 4 years max.

    5. Choose the chimney based on suction capacity, self cleaning mechanism is just a good to have. A suction capacity of 1200cum/hr should suffice


  100. Hello Nandita,
    I have heard about ENOX fittings for glass sliding door. Also CNR is economical option for the same. Understand that ENOX is brand, how do you think about CNR fittings? e.g Aluminium strip used by both companies are of same qualities?
    Appreciate your help.

  101. Thank you so much for quick response. I have a few more doubts
    1.Kitchen shutters-MDF+Hi gloss membrane or Ply+ glossy laminate or the tuff membrane from merino-which is better. Heard higloss membrane is viable to scratches more than higloss laminate. is it so?
    2.Enox hinges, Ozone channels-are they ok? how about using Quadra channels, do they take more weight than the normal hettich channel.
    3.Ply+laminate sliding shutters for 6'3"x7'wardrobe -do they require door straighteners or any other additions. I understand from your blog that only block board or framed shutters are best for sliding ones. What frame has to be used?
    4. Actiontesa MDF+membrane and BLU-mika laminates-are they ok?

  102. Hi Nandita,

    We are planning to get 2 door, 8×7 ft sliding wardrobe with loft on top of it. Here are few questions related to it: –
    1. Do you recommend blockboard or ply with straightners for the doors?
    2. in case of ply: 16mm vs 18mm ply for the doors?
    3. if designed and developed well, and used decently, what is the life of the sliding wardrobe with hettich fittings?


  103. 1. If you need Hi Gloss then Hi Gloss Laminate on ply or UV coated MDF is recommended
    2. Each channel has a specified weight carrying capacity – it does not depend on the brand.
    3. For your size of the wardrobe you may go ahead without the straightener. In the unlikely event that the doors warp you can attach a straightener later. An Aluminium frame is recommended but for your size you may not need one.
    4. DO not stick laminate on MDF as it will warp/ bend due to different coefficient of expansion. It is recommended you use prelaminated MDF.

    Additional questions will attract a professional fee πŸ™‚


  104. Responses below

    1. Do you recommend blockboard or ply with straightners for the doors? – Blockboard with straightners
    2. in case of ply: 16mm vs 18mm ply for the doors? – 16mm with both side laminate
    3. if designed and developed well, and used decently, what is the life of the sliding wardrobe with hettich fittings? – It will last longer than the time that you would want to tolerate seeing the same wardrobe in your home


  105. Hi Nandita,

    Thanks for sharing all this information on the blog. For newbies like me its a lifesaver!

    Im planning for a wall to wall sliding wardrobe in the master bedroom. 2 separate 7ft by 7ft wardrobes with a TV unit in between separating them. Also there will be a loft of 15ft by 2ft for overhead storage.

    I have a couple of doubts and would like your thoughts on this-
    1. The vendor has quoted a total cost of nearly 3 lakhs for the same. Is it too much for the entire wardrobe? Approximate cost of a single 7ft by 7ft wardrobe is coming to 1.27 lakhs. Hes using apple touch plywood, greenlam & enox fittings. Also hes mentioning that he will add burma teak patti around the edges. Does the cost sound too high?

    2) What would be the ideal thickness of the plywood to be used for such a wardrobe?

    3) Should I go for duco finish for inside border? It will cost be 12000 extra

  106. Costs vary based on the designs, material etc. I hence refrain from commenting on the cost.
    The only bit I will suggest is
    1. Rethink the need for having a sliding wardrobe cum TV unit. A Sliding wardrobe usually looks good when its stand alone
    2. Teak patti is passe' especially for sliding wardrobes – look for metallic edge handles or pvc edge banding instead
    3. 16mm block board/ ply with both side laminate should suit fine
    4. By inside border I assume you mean the edge of the carcass. For the edges its ideal to use pvc edge banding


  107. There is no such thing as ME grade that I am aware of. If you meant MR grade then yes it can be used for the Wardrobes provided there is no possibility of dampening of the walls behind the wardrobes…not recommended for outside (rain) facing or bathroom facing walls.


  108. Hi Nandita,

    We have got 3 door sliding top hanging mechanism wardrobe done by our carpenter. The problem is we see a lot of space between the doors i.e.,1 inch/25mm gap between the doors.

    He has put the middle door inside and the left and right doors outside.
    In the top channel we can see the wheels attached to the door from front.

    When we spoke to our carpenter, he says the space between the doors can't be reduced in the top hanging mechanism slide doors and no other alternatives available. We are totally confused and worried about this issue.

    Could you please suggest us any alternative.
    Even we are fine if we can convert these sliding doors into normal doors now.


  109. There should not be a 1 inch gap. If you are using the standard top running sliding door wardrobe systems from Hettich, Ebco or Blum then the gap is no more than 8mm. I suspect that either the wrong sliding mechanism has been used or it has not been fitted properly. If you are using channels from any of the 3 companies above you can call them and their own carpenter will come to check.


  110. Hi Nandita,

    I want to put slider door using Hettich sliding mechanism but the constraint is – for wardrobe the available space is only 7'ft height & 5ft width (above 7ft beam is there) and my carpenter is suggesting me to go with bottom running channel as he said – for top running he doesnt have space.

    What should i do as i am afraid that bottom running mechanism will bend the door.

    Pls help.

  111. Top running sliding systems from Hettich, Ebco & Blum are available for the door size you mention. However you may want to reconsider the need of having a sliding door wardrobe of 5 Feet as the recommendation is to have a min width of 6 feet for a slider. A 5 foot width sliding wardrobe usually does not look good and is also difficult to access. For a size of 5 feet a regular hinged wardrobe is recommended.

  112. Nandita,
    We are debating between going for wardrobes with hinged shutters either with lacquered glass finish or duco paint + lamination.
    Need your thoughts on
    – durability
    – workmanship issues
    – cost
    – aesthetics
    between the two options.
    The carpenter is a bit reluctant to go ahead with the lacquered glass finish. Here we are thinking of putting the lacquered glass on plywood instead of aluminum profiles for making it sturdier.
    Let me know your views.

  113. I would recommend Lacquered Glass over Duco as Duco is difficult to maintain.
    You just need to ensure that the Carpenter knows to install the sliding system based on the construction of the shutter/ carcass.


  114. Hi Nandita,
    I want to install a full mirror on my sliding door shutters.My shutter dimensions are 8'x 4' each. I wanted to you use blockboard of 19 mm thickness & the mirror shall be fixed on that. I have made my wardrobe design to suit hettich topline 22 which is having a carrying capacity of 50 kg per shutter. sun-mica will be used on inner side of the board as well. My material supplier suggested me not to use blockbord (double core pinewood, BWP grade) or plywood as it would bend due to seasonal variations. Instead he suggested me to go for custom made partal wood made door; installed in a wooden frame and 4 mm sunmica on both sides & install mirror over it. As the manufactured shutter have would be more strong due to nailing as well as it would have less weight as per him. I have to make sliding door shutter with full mirror below 50 kg. Pls guide me what should i do in this case also i don't want to install only mirror with aluminium profile by hettich as it doesn't gives a good look as well as has sharp edges.

    Thanks & Regards

  115. Hi Nandita,
    You are doing a great job of helping out a lot of confused people including me. Based on your blog and all the queries you answered i have finalised on
    3 door sliding wardrobe using hettich topline 22 with soft close
    Height 7.75ft and 9ft width
    Plywood mostly 18mm for carcass and 18mm block board shutters
    Please confirm if it looks good and also suggest about following
    Can the wardrobe back side plywood be 9mm?
    I need a high gloss finish for doors, so what do you suggest on block board between high gloss laminate or acyrlic or lacquered glass finish and how much thick it should be in mm
    Thanks in advance

  116. Choice of material is fine. The back can be in 9 mm – even 6 mm with laminate is fine. For the shutters Hi Gloss both in Laminate/ acrylic or in UV coated is fine. For laminate/ acrylic the thickness should be 1 mm


  117. Thanks Nandita
    Also yesterday I saw digital laminates, is it something which is worth considering? I was initially considering some coloured laminate design by mixing 2 colours or may be a glass pattern in middle. But instead this digital laminate looks great. Your thoughts abt it and any idea about its cost compared to glass finish or acrylic

  118. I personally prefer plain laminates with a mixture of glass, mirrors etc. One can also play with glass fused with fabric etc. That said there is nothing technically wrong in using digital laminates


  119. I went to 2 vendors with my wardrobe door design, wherein I needed a border on my shutter door 6inches thick in dark colour and rest central area in faint colour. One vendor said ,yes its possible to do it through machine press and we can make design using 2 laminates. Other vendor said, in machine press, we can press only 1 laminate you cannot mix laminates, if you want we have to press one laminate and other colour laminate strips can be pasted on top of it. Whom to trust? Who is correct?

  120. I cannot comment for sure without knowing the entire design pattern you are looking for. However in usual practice only single laminates are used when machine pressing and for multi colour designs the recommended practice is to make by hand.


  121. Hi Nandita
    I know you do not comment on vendor quote but I suggest need your perception about whether the wardrobe quotation looks above the market rates or not. 2 3 vendors i spoke to for my 8ft tall and 9ft width 3 door sliding wardrobe using getting top line 22 and plywood and block board doors and hi gloss laminate gave the quotation in the range of 1.4 to 1.6 lac's

  122. Hi Nandita,
    You are doing a great job. Recently I came across aristo sliding systems which uses aluminium framed doors. I saw it in one of the showroom and it looked impressive and was very smooth and noiseless. The vendor told me that the height can be upto ceiling 9 or 10ft and width of the door can be very wide.They told they have done 12ft wide wardrobe in 2 doors.I was very much impressed.

    So your views on Aristo sliding systems and any price comparision, whether they are costlier than hettich hafele? Also for 9ft tall wardrobe how is the back side made given the mdf sheet constraint of 8ft?

  123. Hi Nandita, Thanks for the info, it was very help full… i have a question for sliding door which is best glossy or matte finish i hear glossy is not durable please help me here ?

  124. You must have visited Kelachandra on BG Road – they are importing these Russian sliding systems. Costs vary based on what you are comparing against since sliding wardrobes come in different finishes and price points. Also Aristo is a complete wardrobe system while Hettich/ Hafele is just the hardware, hence the comparison is not apples to apples. It is best to decide based on your budget and what fits best within the same.
    Nine feet wardrobes will have a jointed back panel…the join would be hidden behind the shelf hence would not show.


  125. Hi Nandita,
    I got quotation for aristo sliding wardrobe 9ft x 9ft and confusion is whether to go with coloured glass door(5mm) or or glossy laminate inside the frame.Also wquote says marine ply for carcass and edge binding everywhere.Cost is on higher side, but fine for me. Do I need to consider commercial ply instead of marine ply as a norm?

  126. I visited one of the vendor in pune who claim to be sole distributor in maharashtra. One thing i was confused about was whether aristo systems are top running or bottom running system as I guess it has wheels both on top n bottom. Also my ceiling ht is 9.3ft, so i am a bit confused whether to go with ceiling to floor or restrict the height to 8 8.5 ft. I am not making lot and width will be 9ft.

  127. Hi Nandita,
    Is the height consideration to 8ft because of bending problem or door weight? I have finalised 9.3ft ht and 9ft width 2 door (ceiling to floor). I thought being aluminium frame bending issue will be resolved and the frame will have only 5mm ply plus laminate and 2ft horizontal glass pattern ,so i guess weight will be less as compared to 18mm ply shutters. Also it is claimed that aristo can withstand weight upto 150kg. Please provide your inputs as I will be confirming mostly on weekend.

  128. The 8 feet recommendation is due to ergonomics – a bit of space above a sliding wardrobes generally looks good whole floor to wall wardrobes look like a wall panel and not a wardrobe. Technically, since you are using a frame there should be no issue


  129. Aristo and Top Line 22 is just the sliding "Hardware". The door design and look can actually be exactly the same. From a cost perspective Aristo is costlier than Top Line 22. If cost is a constraint then you may also check out Ebco top line sliding hardware.


  130. Hi Nandita ,

    could you please let me know if its ok to consider 25mm block board for 2 shutter sliding wardrobe of size 8ft ( w) x 9 ft ( h ) .Was planning to make shutter of roof height instead of breaking at 7 ft and making separate shutter for top 2 ft lot storage . I thought of using 19mm block board for shutters but carpenter is suggesting 25 mm but overall discussion with him suggests he might not have done full roof height shutters anytime with toppling 22 runners and instead of messing up with trial and error , wanted your advice on the same .

    btw , thanks to your blog me and my wife managed to do our flat on our own with whatever info we could grab from blog and it has come out well ..again thanks to you …and now wanted to do some furniture for my parents place so I am back here πŸ™‚

  131. Hi Nandita,

    First of all, thanks a lot for such a wonderful resource on sliding doors. It has been most helpful in doing research.

    I have some questions.

    We are building a wardrobe with sliding door setup. Wall to wall. Dimensions of the room do not allow for using one any ply by itself. The ply will have to be joined it seems. My carpenter says that it is possible, by using overlapping laminates and glue. But the wood seller who is a family friend says that the wood will begin to bend and sag. I don't know whom to believe now. Please help.

    Second question, considering durability and reliability, which of the 3 brands are better: Aristo, Hettich or Hafele? So far, the only fitting that I've seen in showrooms that I was perfectly happy with were of Aristo made of aluminium. Don't know if that was because the Carpenters of the Hettich and the Hafele were bad, or that is the quality of the fitting itself? The Hettich seemed to require to much force to open, but the Aristo opened with ease, even with soft close engaged.

    Further, do you recommend aluminium, or wood, for durability?

  132. It is not recommended to join the wood for large sized shutters. The ideal approach would be to use framed shutters inlaid with panels of laminated ply, MDF glass etc. based on the look that you need.
    Aristo has a frame construction by default, hence it will suit, however it has a standard look with not as much flexibility as Hettich/ Hafele sliding fittings for framed shutters offer


  133. Hello Nandita:

    My sliding wardrobes have 2 sliding doors, each 7×4 ft 25mm BWP Blockboard. I am considering Hettich. I dont know the difference between overlay doors vs inset doors. Which model hardware would you suggest? Is Toline-22/Topline 1 OK? I am not sure if Topline 1 comes with soft-closing accessory. Please advise.

  134. Thank you Nandita ji, most helpful.

    Regarding quality of the Aristo fittings, have you noticed any problems in your experience? The sales person I spoke to on the phone said that they carry 3 years warranty, which is longer than the warranty offered by Hettich and Hafele.

    Also, Aristo offers only botton running systems (according to the sales person). Do you think its a bad idea, even for a complete aluminium system, with 9'3" door?

    Thanks once again.

  135. 25 mm blockboard doors will be heavy. I recommend you use top line 1 as it is more robust to handle heavy doors. I have not come across a soft close for Top Line 1, however do check with the Hettich showroom directly…they may be able to offer a dampener in case a soft close is not available.


  136. I have not used Aristo as it offers limited design flexibility, hence cannot conclusively comment on the reliability/ longevity.

    Bottom running channels are fine for a framed construction (Aristo is a framed construction). The only thing to take care of will be dust accumulation in the bottom runners. That said I would recommend restricting the shutter height to 8 feet. Floor to roof shutters look like a wall panel and you loose the look of a sliding wardrobe…also the shelving has to be thought through in detail for a 9 feet wardrobe, else it gets unruly


  137. Thank you for your response. The weight of each door is about 36 kgs. I called Hettich in Koramangala and they said there is no soft close option for Topline 1. Hafele has Classic 65 VF 18 that is rated for 65kgs each door. It has a soft close option. With the soft close option the total cost after discount and VAT is about INR 8800. Is this reasonable or am I spending too much? Hettich Topline 1 may be below INR 4000, but without soft close option. Your advise will be greatly appreciated.

  138. Really nice to see the help you are providing here. Thank you. You have already mentioned that door height can be 7-9 feet. I am planning go with 8 feet height and is being done by carpenter directly at my home. Carpenter has not done 8 feet door before for sliding. Can you please advice any important points to keep in mind? Thanks again.

  139. Hi Nandita ,
    Thanks for answering my earlier queries in advance .
    Last month i visited Hettich display @ Bangalore for Topline 22 as I wanted technical help about installation at my parents place where Hettich don't have display center . I got technical drawing from Hettich for installation of Topline 22 which mentions about different considerations for carcass preparation and dimensions for each side of carcass .
    After following all these things , when finally shutters are installed , came to know that there is gap between shutters and carcass / sliding from top due to runner assembly installed on top . Gap is approx 7 mm for inside shutter , and 30 mm for outside shutter . Hettich remote support confirmed this is correct as they mentioned there has to be 8-10 mm gap between 2 shutters and additional 20mm for inside shutter track which makes outside shutter gap 30 mm i.e from channel to outside shutter . Though theoretically I am convinced , i doubt it its correct as Dust can not be prevented from top . based on Hettich technical drawing , top plant of carcass is 16-17mm small in width to accommodate top channel and channel is mounted on face of this plank .

    could you please let me know if
    1) Gap is expected ( 30 mm from top )
    2) If top channel is mounted on face of top plank or its above ( from outside ) or below ( from inside )

    I have bought brush as per one of your earlier comment which we will be putting between gap of 2 shutters ….but I am confused about top gap .


  140. Hi Nandita

    Thanks for doing an wonderful job with your blog. This is definitely helpful for people like me who are doing their interiors of home without interior designer!

    I have few questions with respect to sliding wardrobe. I plan to use Topline 22 with 19mm block board with laminates as shutters.

    1) I have to make 3 wardrobe of size 66"wide, 85"wide and 96"wide. My floor to ceiling height is 9.5 feet. I want to make sliding doors of height 8 feet as that's the max Block board available. I want to know what should be the number of panels for each wardrobes?

    2) what should be the ideal width (in mm) overlap of 2 sliding door panels? For example if my wardrobe is 66" wide, for 2 panel sliding door what should be the exact width of each panel?

    3) Should the width my inner verticle partision of carcasses be of same width as that of the shutter door width?


  141. Responses below

    1) I have to make 3 wardrobe of size 66"wide, 85"wide and 96"wide. My floor to ceiling height is 9.5 feet. I want to make sliding doors of height 8 feet as that's the max Block board available. I want to know what should be the number of panels for each wardrobes?

    NM: The restriction in top line 22 is only the height (limited to 2500mm) and the weight (limited to 50KG) of each shutter. For your sizes of the shutters in 16/19 mm block board you can do with 2 shutters for each wardrobe. IN case you want shelving flexibility and 3 separate sections then for the 96 inch one you may go for 3 shutters

    2) what should be the ideal width (in mm) overlap of 2 sliding door panels? For example if my wardrobe is 66" wide, for 2 panel sliding door what should be the exact width of each panel?
    NM: Assuming you are using a 19mm carcass and 66 inches is the final outer dimension then each door width, assuming 2 shutters will be 33" + 19mm. the net overlay between the 2 doors will hence be 19 + 19 mm = 38 mm

    3) Should the width my inner verticle partision of carcasses be of same width as that of the shutter door width?

    NM: Ideally yes as that helps in accessibility.


  142. Yes, the gap is expected. Hettich used to have dust pelmets available earlier to cover this gap but I am not sure if these are available nowadays. You can however have a wooden pelmet constructed to cover this gap and install the brush facing down from the top


  143. The only advise I will have is to get Hettich/ Blum/ Ebco (whichever sliding hardware you are using) folks to directly guide your carpenter. Each of the above hardware vendors provide this service.


  144. Hi Nanditha,
    Based on your blog and all the queries you answered i have finalised on
    3 door sliding wardrobe (Height 8ft and 12ft width Block board shutters 19mm)
    I have couple of queries. Plese help me out
    1. I want to go for sandwich design on sliding door (white and bronze) But my carpenter says board may bend if he apply 2 different laminate sheets on the door. Is it true?
    2. Is it fine if we don't use aluminium frame on sliding door?

  145. Doing one door as complete mirror. Want to use wood as the base behind the mirror.

    a. Whats the right wood and the thickness (should it be on top of 19mm or lesser thickness?).

    b. Also you had said something on giving more edge support for corner to corner mirrors. Can you please elaborate

  146. Hi!

    As I got a sliding wardrobe done with one lock each at extreme ends of it (ebco make).

    Now unknowingly one end of it became unusable as it has somehow got itself automatically locked (i.e without actual use of key) while the keyhole is still shows open position. Whereas the other end is free to use (so far) and functions normally.

    Did you come across such a case before this, if so how can it be rectified? Or am I first to approach for a malfunctioning ebco lock for sliding door?

    If I am not wrong, ebco does no customer support for troubleshhoting/repair. So is there some way or a source to fix the problem and get rid of the lockjam mess it has become now and bring it back to normal please?

    Your advise appreciated asap. Thanks in advance.


  147. Hi
    My recommendation for sliding wardrobes has always been NO LOCKS. One almost always ends up with issues (sometimes even accidents) with a lock.
    For your current issue you may just call your carpenter and he should be able to fix it


  148. Hi Nandita

    Can you please give us feedback on aristo sidling wardrobes. We are wondering if we should buy one from kelachandra group vs getting it made by our carpenter. please suggest.

  149. One more thing, I chose these doors over Aristo because I need lacquered glass finish but need a plywood backing as I don't have confidence in just glass shutters.

    –Nitin Ganjsinghani

  150. Hi Nandita,

    Your knowledge in this field looks impressive. I had finalized for full door wardrobe from bottom to ceiling(10.5 ft), but instead we had decided to go with Hafele topline system with framed lacquered glass shutters backed by plywood(6mm + 12 mm or similar). Now due to some circumstances that vendor has left my job in the middle with carcasses done and other vendors seems to have limited knowledge on this. Now I need a bit of a help here in terms of recommendation of fittings for Aluminium frame or similar for this configuration. It would be great if you can recommend someone who can do the job.


  151. Hi,

    Interesting blog. I am doing up the wardrobe in my house by hiring a carpentar…what should be the thickness of carcass for side panels, if ht. is 2250mm and width is 2875mm? The sliding shutter would be 1967mm?


    Alok Maheshwari

  152. I am planning for sliding doors for my wardrobes, I wanted the lofts included in the sliding doors, meaning no separate shutters for loft, but my carpenter says u have to use a material which is very expensive for the same.
    I do not want to go with separate shutters for the loftsas I thought that it does not look good with sliding doors

  153. Hello Nandita,
    Wonderfull tips and recommendations on this site.. first a THANK You!

    Would request your guidance on a 9 ft height X8 ft (2 X 4ft width) sliding wardrobe with glass facia. i have reviewed Aristo and is it's on higher cost range of 1k per Sqft.
    Appreciate hardware recommendations that fit to ceiling rather than to the wardrobe

  154. Both Hettich and Ebco have ceiling mounted sliding door hardware that you can use, the only thing is that you may need a pelmet or false ceiling to hide the top runners. However the cost of the hardware is considerable cheaper than Aristo

  155. Hello Nandita,

    This is a brilliant blog. I needed your valuable suggestion. I am planning to have a wardrobe of 7ft width and 7.5 ft height with sliding doors.
    1) Should I go for a ready made wardrobe or should I get it done with a known carpenter?
    2) MR ply (18mm) is good for sliding doors?
    3) Any particular specification to keep in mind considering the rollers of the sliding doors ?

    Please suggest us with your inputs.

    Thanks a lot,

  156. Responses are in line below
    1) Should I go for a ready made wardrobe or should I get it done with a known carpenter?
    NM: Either is ok
    2) MR ply (18mm) is good for sliding doors?
    NM: MR Ply is fine, however for shutters above 7 feet it is recommended to use a framed construction – An aluminium frame on which you can mount 10/12 mm laminated ply
    3) Any particular specification to keep in mind considering the rollers of the sliding doors ?
    NM: Top Rolling sliding systems recommended as mentioned in the blog post above. You may also use Aristo bottom rolling systems that come with a frame, even Hettich has introduced a similar system.

  157. Hi Nandita,

    Thanq very much for your blog. Its very informative and useful.

    We are planning for a sliding wardrobe of height 7.5 ft and width 6.5 ft with 2 doors and hettich top 22 with loft on top 2 ft height. I hav few doubts

    1. Which one would u suggest?
    century clubprime plywood 19 or 16 mm thickness (710 grade) with 1 mm laminate on both sides or century block board 25 mm with 1 mm laminate bth sides.

    2. What thickness would you suggest for plywood and blockboard?

    3. Is a stiffener required in both cases?

    4. Which one shalk I go for? Topline 22 with stb 11 or 12?

    5.would you suggest a frame for this?

    Pls advice.

    Thanx nd Regards


  158. If you are planning shutters of more than 7 feet then It is recommended to have a framed construction.
    You may use 6 to 18 mm panels mounted on a frame. The panels can be in any material – ply/ blackboard/particle board / MDF – The lighter the better as the weight is managed by the frame
    In a framed construction you will not need a stiffener. If you are using blockboard or ply (blackboard is recommended) a stiffener may be needed in case of a warp/ bend – you may even install a stiffener later if you notice a bend
    Both sub 11 and 12 are fine

  159. Hi Nandita, would you classify Aristo mechanism as bottom running system? I was interested in a full height wardrobe (upto ceiling) without having a separate loft and was looking for options in the same when I came across Aristo. Not sure if this could develop the challenge you are mentioning long term and what other options are there for a 9.5 ft high shutter? Thanks in advance.

  160. Aristo is a good sliding system, the only issue with it is that it is bottom running, while it would not warp (since it is a metallic frame), the bottom channel does accumulate dust, in addition, clothes in the wardrobe may get stuck under the wheel. Except for these minor issues Aristo is fine to use.

  161. Hi Nandita,

    Greetings for the day!

    I am looking to make some furniture for my apartment and today I visited a local shop in the market.

    Q.1 How to know which ply is better. In 18MM. As most the work will be done by this only.
    He shared some sample where it was (popular ply for Rs. 52, then he gave me Rs. 57 which was of middle range, then Rs. 63 which was of superior quality.

    Although all was having ISI mark but which should be the best one, as my budget is also limited but I want to use good plyboard for wardrobe, modular kitchen, Sofa, double bed and TV unit as well.

    Q.2 For modular kitchen SS Basket is good or tendom sliding box.
    Because lookwise SS basket was lookjng strong as compare to tendom box.

    Please also help me with your suggestion on sliding channels for modular kitchen and for wardrobe as well.

    I don'thave any knowledge regarding furniture so checking on Google and found your blog which was truly unique and helpful.

    Thankyou in advance

  162. Hi,Nandita
    I am looking for sliding wardrobe 7 by 9 feet.I like aristo wardrobe with bronze mirror,but its cost is on a higher side.Can a get similar looking wardrobe with aluminium frame as in aristo with Hettich 22 topline .thanks

    1. Yes that is possible. We have one displayed at our experience centre. You may please call 9482594088 to discuss the details


    2. Hi madam,
      I am planning to have a 12 feet wide x 8 ft tall wardrobe.. can I consider hettich Top line 22 sliding system for wider wardrobes? If not what system to be considered? Need your suggestions.

      Thanks in advance


      1. Yes you can use topline 22, however do ensure that the weight of the shutters is within 50 KG…the lighter the better. Ideal would be to use framed aluminimium shutters to minimize the weight.


  163. Hi Nandita, just found your wonderful blog wish I found it earlier. Is tonex sliding door system good enough? Which is better tonex or syskor?

    1. Hi Kavitha
      Syskor and Tonex are different solutions. While Syskor provides the entire door assembly tonex just provides the sliding door hardware. You hence need to decide based on what you are looking for.

      1. Hi Nandita, my vendor is offering me sliding hardware from Syskor. I have to decide btw tonex TSLD 25 and syskor, my carpenter is preferring tonex while my vendor is suggesting syskor. Which is better?

        1. Syskor has many different offerings including complete sliding doors while TSLD 25 is just the sliding door hardware. I hence need to know the exact model number of Syskor that is being recommended to give you specific input.
          In general if you are making a sliding door “wardrobe” then TSLD 25 will not suit as it is meant only for single shutters

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