Doing end to end Interiors for your Home? – Here is a work schedule you should follow

A number of readers of this blog have asked questions around what work sequence one needs to follow while doing interiors for their home. We all know how painful it can be in Bangalore just to secure availability of good vendors like electricians, carpenters, plumbers, painters, the false roofing guy etc. Having them come in at the wrong milestone not just delays the work but also leads to rework & adds to the loads of stress that home makers are already stacked under.

Given below is a step by step work schedule that I have been using for my own work, it has gone through multiple iterations and incorporates the learnings from multiple projects over the years.

If you choose to follow this for your home then you will have to do one thing back for me – make sure that you provide your feedback on whether this helped you. Also send me any inputs that may help improve this further – to do that you have to just drop a comment on this blog post using the link on the left or at the bottom.

So, without much ado… here goes. Note that the list is in the order of sequence, also note that some of the steps can run parallel – you will be able to determine which ones based on common sense… if you are not able to figure… then…what should I say … :).

Sequence of steps to follow for End to End Home Interior Design and Construction :

  1. Detailed Site Measurements
  2. Closure of designs – Note that this can be done all together for the whole house OR iteratively for any of – (1) each room, (2) each unit (3) separately for factory made/ imported units (Kitchens, Wardrobes etc.) and onsite manufactured units
  3. Order factory manufactured / imported units (Usually Kitchen, Wardrobes).
  4. Material procurement for on-site work.
  5. Start onsite carpentry
  6. False Roofing
  7. Electrical & Plumbing
  8. Wallpaper / Texture/ Colour Selection
  9. Bought out Furniture/ White Goods Selection
  10. Furnishing/ Curtains Selection
  11. Wooden Flooring Selection
  12. Fixing furniture carcass/ boxes – As they arrive from the factory / abroad OR as and when they are built onsite
  13. Kitchen Countertop & Wall Dado Fitment
  14. Shutter Fitment
  15. Wall preparation for painting
  16. Wood Polishing and Paintwork
  17. Light Fittings Selection and fitment
  18. Wall Paint & False roofing – Finishing
  19. Electrical Plates Fitment
  20. Furnishing/ Curtains Order
  21. Shower Partitions Order
  22. Bought out Furniture / White Goods Order
  23. Wallpaper Fitment
  24. Wooden Flooring Fitment
  25. Bought out furniture/ White Goods Fitment
  26. Shower Partition Fitment
  27. Deep Cleaning
  28. Furnishings/ Decor/ Curtains Fitment

Twenty-eight steps to your home sweet home – done, dusted and ready. Heee…far easier said than done :), but sure it’s one hell of a journey that you will undertake, just once or maybe twice in your lifetime.

So, here’s wishing you a happy journey, happy home making & happiness in your new home.

Signing off


Master Checklist for Home Interiors: All the things that are part of a complete Home Interior project

I have often found that a number of things get left out when folks plan interiors for their home. This either leads to a budget creep or a last minute scramble to get everything in order before moving in and some of it gets left out altogether.

I have hence tried to compile below a master list of things that one needs to consider during the interior design phase. Am sure I would have missed out a few myself :), so if you do find anything off, do let me know and I will add so that everyone can benefit from it.

Here goes

Tall Unit/Pantry
Specialty Corner Units (Magic corner, Peanut Corner…)
Appliances (Hob/Chimney/Dishwasher/Microwave/ Refrigerator)
Size of the appliances – for space planning
Breakfast Counter/ Island
Tall Chairs/ Bar Stools
Light based enhancements (LED’s etc)

Counter & Sink
Plumbing work
Storage Units

Living/ Dining Room & Entrance
Foyer Unit
Crockery Unit
TV Unit
Television/ Size of the TV for space planning
Pooja Unit
False Roofing
Wall Paneling
Sofa Set & Center/ Side Tables
Dining Table & Chairs
Bar Unit & Stools

Bedrooms/ Entertainment Room/ Study
Wardrobe (Sliding or Hinged)
TV Unit
Television/ Size of the TV for space planning
Dressing Space
False Roofing
Cot with Side & Head Units
Study Unit
Book Shelf
Sofa Cum Bed/ Couch
Children’s bed/ Bunker Bed


Storage units
Shower Partition
Bath Tub/ Jacuzzi
Other Sanitary-ware (Towel Hangers, Hooks, Faucets etc.)
Tiling & Flooring
Side Rails (for the elderly)

    Electrical Work
    Geysers & Fans
    Air Conditioners
    Light fittings
    Changing location of the electrical points

      Wall Painting
      Wall Paper
      Artwork/ Handpaint/ Themes
      Wall Cladding

        Other Miscellaneous
        Staircase beautification
        Storage/Play Area under the stairs
        Specialty Pillars
        Flooring – Wooden/ Granite/ Tiles
        Grill Work
        Furnishing – Curtains, Upholstery, Display Pieces, Wall Hangings
        Curtain Rods
        Air Conditioning/ Ducting
        Sound Proofing
        Security Systems

          Whew…that’s all I can think off for now. Shall look forward to your add-ons

          Signing off